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Six months ago I began to experience pins and needles and pain in my feet. A friend recommended African Potato Cream and I experience remarkably quick relief with the product.

Cas, South Africa


For years I have suffered with arthritic pain. While on holiday in South Africa I heard about the African Potato Cream.
Although sceptical, I tried it. It was like a miracle. I now use it constantly and have experienced wonderful relief from pain.

Jean, UK

Tennis Elbow

I used to suffer terribly with tennis elbow. I could find nothing to soothe the pain and discomfort. Being an ardent fisherman, this caused a problem for my love of the sport. My wife bought a tub of African Potato Cream and voila! I’ve rubbed the pain away.
I also suffer from a lot of acidity and gout, my joints get stiff and I find that after massaging the cream in, they are a lot more flexible.

I recommend African Potato Cream to anyone suffering from the same ailments as me. In fact, my wife fights with me every day, until I’ve massaged the cream in.
My skin is also beautiful and soft.



Hello. I want to tell you how impressed my husband Keith and I are with the African Potato Cream. He suffers from bad psoriasis and has done for many years. In fact, he has a major complex about it. He will be 76 this year. He has tried all the creams that have been recommended… Banana stuff, fatty ointment, cold tar shampoo, products prescribed by the doctor and nothing worked.

I saw the advert for the African Potato Cream in the Berea Mail recently and we bought a jar from the health shop in Davenport Centre. I have noticed an amazing difference. We have not applied it every day, as it is a bit costly for us, but what a change in his condition. It has removed a wart-type thing which was forming from a psoriasis sore. He also rubs it his forehead and other corn-like things that appear on the top of his hands. He says there is a vast improvement.
Thank you

Denyse, South Africa

Skin Spots

I am a bowler and the African Potato Cream (double strength) is helping me with the ugly, sore, skin cancer spots on my arms and face caused by sun exposure. A magnificent product!

Maurean, South Africa

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